smartphones? Yeah smartphones. They're mainly  cramped, robust computers that have compatibility completely in our pockets.

And they are easy to use! The easiest smartphones are those  as a result intuitive that completely it's a must to  build is swipe here  and jiggle right here  together with  set what you need.

But do you know some had hidden aspects?

Your phone can  achieve things you didn’t know it can do. With sheet huge choice of specialties  and potential of statements.Below are lists of aspects your phone has that you’re probably not rolling with right now

1. Activate Hidden Options (Android)

Go to Settings –> System –> About Phone –> Model Number/Build Number. Tap Build Number or Model Number 7 times. A new menu will appear for your major Settings list. This unique menu item is known as “Developer Options”. Tap in and you’ll discover a  original collection of functions you never thought of entering in the next years/month you will use your device.

2. You can turn your flashlight off and on with the use of magic words - Android

Yes, you heard me right i said magic words.You never thought your phone will such a feature. yeah i know is somehow but it's cool. For most recent Android phones, you'll say, “ok, Google, lumos” as a matter of fact your flashlight will turn on.

“Okay, google, nox,” will turn flashlight off

3. There's a split display screen on Android

Like seriously  you might be thinking how possible it will be, but i assure you, you will like to use this feature everyday, what you just have to do is to hold your tab icon and your smartphone will change into a super nifty slpit display

This may be very good at hand for records multitaskers among us who don’t want to sacrifice Instagram not only financial gods of twitter, or are having issue determining between Googling things or using social medias.

With cut up screen, all things are possible!

4. Airplane Mode


Assuming you’re a mean smartphone user, you hardly turn off your device’s cellular data. You almost certainly keep your data grew to become on always, lest you omit the latest proclamation as a matter of fact/or update notification from your favorite social community. Assuming it’s now not a lifestyles  together with dying sort of situation, turning your device data OFF may have a few in point of fact certain effects in your baseline tension stage, attention span, and talent but also live within the moment.

You can find “Airplane Mode” function on your fast choices. Swipe uphill or down on your phone’s house display screen as a matter of fact in finding Airplane mode emblem button. Tap it,  and be free.

5. Google Translate

The most up-to-date model of books app Google Translate is astoundingly full-featured, robust, as a matter of fact capable. It has massive quantities of doable for anyone that uses it – as a matter of fact that comes with you. Google Translate is a completely free app –  and no longer loose like it has  every sort of hidden imaginable prices – there’s NO WAY you’ll have the ability to utilize complete cash in this app, in any respect.


Also, Google Translate now works with out balance internet, together with your smartphone’s processor alone. That’s superior.

Google Translate can translate text, photos, as a matter of fact audio at the  glide. It’s easily the most under-appreciated apps within the universe – although it’s at all times been one of the crucial best apps on “Reference” lists due to the fact that inception. Download Google Translate on the App Store for iPhone  together with iPad in addition to at the Google Play store for Android proper this  minute.

6. Audio Recording

Most smartphone owners recognize they’re in a position  but also  file video as a matter of fact/or photograph media. Used so much less is the smartphone’s skill not only document sound on my own. If you’ve got an iPhone, you'll file audio with statement app called Voice Memos – included together with your smartphone. A number of audio recording apps are to be had within the App Store, too, if you happen to’re unhappy with the usual Voice Memos app.

If you’re on Android, you’ve were given a few choices. i'd counsel records app Audio Recorder, advanced by Sony Mobile Communications. This app is unassuming  together with works on every Android software I’ve were given on my assessment bench

7. You can use the Android's spacebar to move your cursor

Well right here’s a game-changer for those people with better arms. Simply swipe the spacebar if you are using GBoard on Android, as a matter of fact you'll be able to move the cursor left or right to perform any task you want.

If this isn’t  admirable enough, you'll be able to additionally swipe  but also move left (you must start at the backspace key) as a matter of fact this’ll delete things instead.

If you might have an iPhone, you can make use of the 3d touch any place at the keyboard to make use of the similar feature.

8. Scheduling messages on Android

Did you recognize you can schedule messages to your Android?

This is true i have tried it out. Really helped.

When you’re typing a broadcast, there’s a draw-down listing on the best right (next not only the call button). This record has an option to time table your publication.

Super useful while your family and friends live in numerous period zones.

9. Bedtime- iPhone ( strictly iPhone)

Did you understand that your iPhone can remind you when to go to sleep, in addition to wake you uphill at a scheduled period?

The Bedtime function is a go between achieve Not Disturb way  together with an alarm. You can find it in your iPhone within the clock app, proper between your alarm as a matter of fact statement stopwatch.

10. You can use "hi there, Siri" to seek out your iPhone ( strictly iPhone)

Siri’s tremendous helpful, actually. All you have to  assign is  seek information from, “hey, Siri, the place’s my phone,” and she or he’ll answer “follow records sound of my  assure.”

11. Gyro Sensor


Your phone has a complete bunch of hardware inside that isn’t used by the typical shopper. Probably the most simple instance of that is statement gyro sensor – books sensor that’s apparent most regularly when a operator switches among portrait  and landscape modes in a digicam app. This sensor allows your telephone to grasp which means its oriented VS gravity.

In your smartphone’s app retailer, search for “Bubble Level” or “excitement stage”  and download sheet app with the most productive evaluate score. This app will work the similar  additionally a physical level.

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